"You will only see it when you realize it."
– Johan Cruijff

The Flower

The Flower is very simple. The Flower is who I am: my-self. It consists of two parts: my heart (self) and the three petals (me).

My heart is who I really am. The petals are the instruments of my heart. From left to right, these instruments are my thinking, my emotions (thinking and emotions together are also called my 
'ego') and my body (my physical feelings and actions).

The three petals together form my personality.

The core of the Flower is her heart.

The heart is who I really am.

It is my home, my essence.

The Heart has many names

Love Wisdom Source 
True self Passion Intuition 
Soul Inner voice  
Licht Space 
Freedom Inner harmony Place of silence

Geloof ik alles wat ik denk
en voel?

Only when you realize that you are not a personality but have a personality - and that is not at all difficult - you can come home to who you really are. If you learn to live from your heart again, your thoughts and emotions will no longer take a run with you, only then you can use them as the beautiful instruments that they are. No more and no less.



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