Therapy and coaching

Therapy and

For who?

for people who

  • are temporarily stuck in their lives or work
  • are in the middle of a change process
  • have questions about themselves and about the society we live in
  • are highly gifted 
  • have relationship problems
  • have to deal with saying goodbye, being sick and dying
  • want to discover how they can be happy


  • learning and working
  • relationships, family, marriage, upbringing
  • issues with the body, sexuality
  • stress, fears, anger, insecurities
  • pain, serious and chronic diseases, death, sadness, mourning
  • faith, meaning, spirituality

my way of working

I have a non-dual approach. Together we investigate your questions with compassion and understanding. I consider you to be the expert of your life, and I see myself as a mirror, in which you can look deeply to find clarity and healing.

We focus on

  • thinking
  • emotions
  • the body
  • coming home to yourself – to the heart of the Flower that you are
  • and from there getting more connected
    with your loved ones, your environment and the world 

The Flower

In our hearts we are one with everything and everyone. That is the basis from which I live and work with you.

The Flower is the metaphor that we place as a framework over your questions.

Does this path have my heart?


  • one-off sessions
  • short series of intensive sessions
  • long-term support
  • relatie sessies
  • refresher sessions once every few months

You can opt for: 

  • een live-sessie van 45 minuten bij mij thuis
  • een sessie van 45 minuten via skype, facetime of telefoon
  • guidance via e-mail

And then there is my 'safety net': if you want to speak to me urgently, you can always contact me. I respond as quickly as possible and we have a (free) ten-minute consultation.


We will determine the amount in consultation.
My guiding principle is that money should not be a decisive barrier.


Gijsbrecht van IJselsteinstraat 217
1082 KJ Amsterdam

De Bloem – praktijk voor non-duale therapie en coaching
Drs Eva Wolf
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