de bloem

Have you ever experienced a moment where you felt nothing but happiness? A moment where you were fully invested and lost in the experience? At that moment, you are yourself.

In this handbook, Eva Wolf explains, based on her own experiences, how to use the metaphor of the Flower to deepen your self-confidence and how to live in harmony with others from that point. Eva has brought together a variety of insights and knowledge into an image that is immediately recognizable and that you can concretely apply in your own life. The essence of the Flower is summarized in the acronym E.V.A.L.T: Simplicity, Trust, Attention, Love, and Transparency. 

The unique thing about this personal handbook is that it offers an integral approach that shows how complicated life can be and how easy you can make it for yourself. It is written so that it is accessible to everyone. Each chapter can be read separately, so you can take out exactly what you need at that moment.


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De Bloem – praktijk voor non-duale therapie en coaching
Drs Eva Wolf
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